Philosophy and Objectives of Industrial Chemistry

General Introduction

The Chemical Industry is very vital and enhances the economy of any industrialization and technological advanced country. The industry is concerned with converting raw and cheap materials into tremendous variety of chemicals convertibles to consumer products, which makes life more comfortable.

The Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry focuses on training and research, thus producing sound and balanced chemists who are knowledgeable in principles and application of chemistry in numerous industries.

Philosophy, Aim and Objectives of the Degree Program

Pure and Industrial Chemistry is the key to industrial development worldwide. The frontiers of chemistry are very large, ranging from one form of natural products to those synthesized by man. The vast strides were made by man in the understanding, utilization of nature and synthesis of new products, their roots in Chemistry and chemical technology. For technological advancement and economic development, the undergraduate program is designed to cover an appreciation of chemical sciences in the entire undergraduate curricula. The program is designed to equip students for employment in virtually all types of industries. Consequently a lot emphasis is placed on practical work and industrial training during the course of the program which will run as a 4-year program. The program is also planned to arouse the spirit of entrepreneurships that is important and needed for self-employment and economic emancipation.


The aim of the program of the department is to produce a well-trained high-level manpower that can meet the demands of the modern and evolving society, and compete globally with their peers, in Chemical sciences.


The Objectives include:

  1. To provide students with a thorough grounding in principles and sound knowledge of scientific methods of the chemical sciences.
  2. Arouse a sense of curiosity and enquiring mind, in order to encourage and develop creative thinking and research aptitudes.
  3. Generate in students an awareness of the enormous resources in their immediate environment so as to enhance solutions to the challenges of our time in a march towards nation building.
  4. Inculcate in students appropriate skills and abilities to manage and administer technological operations within the field of chemistry and allied areas;
  5. To educate, train and produce chemists, who are technically innovative and self-reliant, having a meaningful picture of the chemical industry.
  6. Prepare students for professional participation in chemical industries.


Nature of courses

The courses are designed to permit chemists produced from this University not only to seek employment in already stabled chemical industries but also to be self-reliant enough to manage their chemical industries. This is because apart from core courses in Chemistry, the students will be exposed to sufficient depth in relevant aspects of Mathematics, Electrical and Chemical Engineering,  Computer Science and Biological Sciences

Career Opportunities

The viable areas of employment opportunities include Dye and Textile industries, Pharmaceutical, soaps and Detergent, Petroluem refineries, Glass, Foods, Paints, Plastics, Cement, Animals and Vegetable Fats and oils. Apart from working in these areas, our graduates can get employment in teaching positions in schools, polytechnics, colleges of Education, Universities as junior Research fellows. They can also be employed as researchers in research institutes, ministries as well as several other regulatory agencies. The programme is also designed to equip students for self-employment.

It must be stated that why our Degree Graduates are prepared for the above employment windows, those that go for the postgraduate programme get better and in-depth pounding in the various advance courses available here