Graduate Programs in Computer Science

The 4-year programme for the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science is designed to provide training in theory and application of Computer Science. This objective calls for versatility on the part of the students, requiring a mastery of the basic science and mathematics, so that on graduation, they become scientist who can use existing Computer based facilities as well as design, formulate and produce new facilities to advance the social, economic and the political order of the nation. Some of the specific objectives includes:
(i) To produce Computer Science graduates who are capable of applying acquired knowledge in solving problem arising in industries, business, commerce, education, machines, government and the society at large.
(ii) To produce graduates who are academically equipped to take advanced courses in  Computer Science and related areas, thus stimulating development and research in the chosen areas.
(iii) To produce suitable service courses for specialists to increase their competence, skill and level of proficiency on their various work fields in order to be more responsive to genuine societal needs.


Admission Requirements
A candidate seeking admission into the 4-year programme must have 5 credits passes including English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and any two other science subjects including economics in the West African Examination Certificate (WAEC), the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE), the General Certificate in Education (GCE) ordinary level, the National Examination Council (NECO), National Business and Technical Examination

Board (NABTEB) in not more than two (2) sittings. This qualification must be obtained prior to admission into the Department. Furthermore, a candidate seeking admission into the 3-year degree programme, must meet the
admission requirements of the 4-year programme and in addition; pass English Language, Mathematics and Physics at the principal level in the H.S.C or at Advance level in the G.C.E Examination, or a distinction or credit in Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) or Ordinary National Diploma (OND).

The Department of Computer Science is said to be unfolded to a faculty (Computing Science)
of four (4) departments/Programs with the following Programs:
a. Computer Science
b. Cyber security
c. Software Engineering
d. Information Technology

To be eligible for the award of the Departmental degree, a student must fulfill the following
a. Satisfy the prescribed entry requirements;
b. Complete the approved course of study in his/her discipline
c. Pass all the required examination in the prescribed courses, the class of degree being determined
d. Satisfactorily complete the prescribed practical attachment to industry or Business
e. Pay all the required examinations in the prescribed courses, the class of degree being determined as in
f. Comply with other requirement to be prescribed by the senate of the University from time to time.